What is Face yoga?

Face yoga is your way to a fabulous face. Ross will take you through a series of exercises that strengthen the facial muscles which in turn will help improve your skin tone, give you an organic face lift, erase fine lines and give you a general sense of wellbeing.

How long will I need to start seeing results?

You will feel a difference almost immediately and see a difference in a couple of weeks - this will depend on your skin type and age.

How often do I need to do the exercises?

Once you have learned the exercises, for the best results, you need to do them 4 times a week - for about ten to fifteen minutes each time.

I've currently got Botox and fillers in my face - is it OK to exercise my face?

After a couple of months of having Botox or filler it is OK to start doing the exercises and can be done to start weaning you off those procedures. Get advice from your doctor.

I've had a face lift - is it OK to exercise my face?

It takes time for the skin and wounds to settle and after the healing process has completed, it is OK to start doing the facial exercises. Get advice from your doctor.

How old is the best age to start facial exercises?

It is never too early or too late to start exercising your facial muscles - these muscles, like muscles in the body can be taught to work at any age. 

Does it hurt?

No! But you will feel the muscles having had a good work out.

Do you recommend a special skincare routine?

No - you can continue with whatever works for you. Please be aware that too many creams and serums can weigh down the skin. Less is more.

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to see an overall better definition to your facial contours which may include a reduction in fine lines, opened eyes, lifted cheeks and jowels and a more defined neck line. No need for injections and scalpels.

How much are the lessons?

Please click here for further information or contact 07956 161424.



I’m a lover of all things natural and when I heard about this way of reversing some of the effects of gravity, I was excited to try it. What I’ve been noticing is that my skin seems to fit my face better!

I’ve been an avid practitioner of yoga for more than 15 years and now I finally have a way to give my face the same loving attention that I give my body. No needles or invasive procedures are necessary to have a younger looking face.

Adding this little fifteen minute practice to the beginning of my day has been more pleasurable than I had imagined. It’s my self-love ritual. I am SO grateful to Ross for bringing this beautiful, effective work to more people. Feeling good about myself makes me a happier person, and happier people make up a happier world!
— Carol. California, USA.
From the minute I met Ross, I felt at ease, comfortable and inspired. He is a living example how the facial exercises work succesfully and his passion for it is infectious.

The extremely professional, fun and skillful delivery of this amazing experience had me inspired to do it 4 x a week for about 10 minutes and the results after 2 month are astonishing. My face feels tighter, fimer and my skin is so much smoother.

I can highly recommend Ross as a facilitator and I am forever grateful to him for introducing this age reducing exercise to me.
— Uschi. Kent, UK
I’ve always been a fan of using Botox once a year and have now no need or pressure to have it. This is due to my ten minutes a day of fitness fitness which I do because I have met the extraordinarily inspirational Ross Duttson.

I have a large family, so my time is never my own, however, this gives me a ten minute window of calm and rejuvenation.

Trust me - once you’ve started this, you will never look back.
— Joe. Kent, UK